Guest blog by Zahra Bukhari, sales operations manager at Localytics

If you had the opportunity to attend Dreamforce this year, you are probably still in recovery mode; 170,000 people, four days, 9 AM concerts, pie a la mode bars, a rock climbing wall – and we haven’t even started discussing the sessions yet. Now that I finally have had a moment to reflect on this year’s conference, I’ve had an opportunity to organize some of my top takeaways.

It’s time for us to start the move to Lightning

Every single session or keynote that I attended pushed the power of Salesforce’s new(ish) UI experience: Lightning. Although many of the attendees I spoke with had yet to move to Lightning, it became pretty clear that if you want to push innovation within your organization, you will need to move sooner rather than later. From Kanban boards, activity timelines, the promise of less development need with Lightning Builder, news feeds, lead paths and more, all users will find something that will help them work smarter with Lightning. Although a total move doesn’t seem to be an immediate need, sales ops leaders should at least begin testing in their org with a single user or profile of users.

Salesforce is becoming a one-stop shop for Lead to Cash

Salesforce has acquired a lot of great names over the past several years to build out a rich Lead to Cash experience for its users. Where before sales ops leaders had to go outside of Salesforce to find optimal solutions, Salesforce is working very hard to compete and ensure its users never have to leave their Salesforce page, which in turn intends to increase efficiency. The two acquisitions that were personally most interesting to me, and I definitely heard the most about, were Quip and Salesforce CPQ. Quip, a new collaborative tool, changes the way teams work together by way of a living document, where users can chat and work at the same time. Quip encourages users to keep vital deal information right within your system. Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick CPQ) is a single tool where your organization can build quotes, create proposals, bill customers, process payments, and complete revenue recognition. CPQ is a solution that centralizes your customer data and truly ensures that Salesforce will be your system of record from sales to finance. Attendees were also encouraged to explore the AppExchange, which has had a recent update making it easier to find an app that serves the needs of your organization.

All in all, Dreamforce 2017 was a great experience. It either got me to think about new concepts, or validated that my team was already moving in the right direction. I’m looking forward to getting a hold of the recordings once they’re released. If you attended Dreamforce, or one of your colleagues did, make sure to login and listen to the recordings of any of the sessions you missed, or any of the ones you want to re-watch. See you at Dreamforce 2018!

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