Sales Rep Self-Reflection: How Did I Do in August?

You make calls, work accounts, lose some opportunities, close a deal, and then repeat – it’s the never-ending cycle of a hard-working sales rep. However, you shouldn’t keep repeating the same sales tactics over and over again and expecting different results. That is, quite simply, the definition of sales insanity.

As a sales rep, you should constantly reflect back on your personal performance throughout the sales process. What helped you to succeed last month? What caused you to fail to close deals in August? Here are the ways you must consider your sales performance in order to continuously improve and become a more effective sales rep.

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Review Your Wins and Losses

In the fast-paced world of sales, it can seem nearly impossible to take even a minute to look back on what happened on a call yesterday, much less a call from a week ago. However, it’s incredibly important to be proactive about improving your sales skills. The best sales reps make it a priority to analyze their performance after each deal – whether won or lost. Maybe you feel you aren’t conveying the value proposition strongly enough, or you should send a case study to prospects more often because it helped close a deal. If you don’t take the time to find and identify these patterns in your sales process, you won’t be able to alter your behavior to change the results.

Track Your Metrics

Really analyzing your sales performance doesn’t just mean noticing what tactics are working and which aren’t – it’s also about tracking your personal sales metrics. Sales metrics can help identify deeper patterns such as a drop in your activity levels, a lengthening of your sales cycle, or trouble converting opportunities from one sales stage to another. These are the types of weaknesses that you may not notice in your work day to day, but can have a profound effect on your sales results in the long-term. By digging into your metrics and keeping an eye on any changes, you can find and make serious improvements in how you work.

Work with a Coach

Sometimes it’s hard to see objectively what you’re doing wrong or right. That’s when an outside opinion and some strategic sales coaching can be incredibly valuable in pushing you to improve. Much like the best athletes in the world would be nothing without the great coaches that helped shape their abilities, the same goes for talented sales reps. No matter how much talent and natural ability you have, your manager still has valuable sales wisdom to impart that can take you from a B+ to an A. The data may show that you lose the most deals in the demo stage of the sales process, and your sales coach can help work with you to identify your specific weaknesses in this area. With help, you can push yourself beyond what you believed was possible.

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Try Something New

Take the analysis you’ve done, combine it with the advice you’ve gotten from your sales coach, and come up with a few new ideas to try out on your next sales call. Successful sales is all about experimentation – trying out new tactics and seeing what works best. It’s true that you may fail if you do something different, but you could also succeed in a way you never imagined. It’s always worth the risk to try a different talk track, or try approaching a new prospect with a different take on your value proposition. Discard what doesn’t work, and stick with what does. By taking risks and trying new things, you will find ways to make incremental improvements and drive up your overall sales numbers.


Self-reflection is never easy, but for sales reps, knowledge of your own skills can be the difference between closing a deal, and losing it. By taking the time to work with a sales coach, look at sales metrics, and analyze your own results, you’ll be able to understand your true abilities in order to improve and grow as a sales professional.

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