Have you ever downloaded a free app from the Salesforce AppExchange?

If you have, you’re in good company. The AppExchange hit 3 million installs this month — breaking records and continuing to grow at a blistering pace.

The AppExchange is an incredible marketplace of 2700+ business apps pre-integrated with Salesforce, available to any SFDC customer. This is the ideal resource for anyone looking to try out new business apps with little risk, and often zero cost. It’s easy for a Salesforce customer to discover a free app for a product that could potentially revolutionize their business and spur immense growth.

InsightSquared’s mission has always been to empower small to mid-sized businesses to run more intelligently by offering the tools they need to level the analytics playing field — so naturally we were thrilled to be able to share 4 completely free tools on the Salesforce AppExchange. The most popular app by far is the Free Sales Funnel, which gives users the ability to quickly and easily analyze sales conversion rates as opportunities move down the sales funnel. The report takes your company’s own SFDC data and visualizes it instantly so that you can:

  • Clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales team
  • See the conversion rates as opportunities move from Qualifying to Present Solution to Technical Fit to Closing
  • Identify the lowest conversion rates in the funnel so that you can offer strategic sales coaching to your team of reps, focusing on the skills they need to improve most to close more deals


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Why did we decide to make a report this powerful completely free to anyone in the AppExchange? It might sound crazy, but we wanted people to understand how easy it can be to use business analytics!

Everyday, we challenge sales leaders to think about how they report on their sales results, and we challenge you to use data and real evidence instead of anecdotes and opinions to guide your sales team. These free apps can quickly show you how to utilize your own Salesforce data to build actionable reports that reveal the inner workings of your sales team. With just one free report, your business can become driven by the data.

This year, nearly 1300 sales teams built their own sales funnel reporting using the free InsightSquared app. They gained better insight into the day-to-day operations of their sales team, and were able to drive up conversion rates and close more business. These teams often become customers of InsightSquared, and many more become some of our biggest fans. In fact, here are a few 5-star reviews from the Free Sales Funnel app that shows just how excited users really are about our apps.

The Salesforce AppExchange helps business leaders who need analytics find our free tools to help them grow. And when we help businesses grow, we’re achieving our mission too. Congratulations on hitting 3 Million Salesforce!

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