With only 10 weeks left in the year, make sure you’re ready to close it out with a bang. Learn how to identify which of those Q4 opps are a waste of time, focus on the highest probability deals, and make sure you’re creating enough new pipeline to hit your ambitious goals for the year. Watch our latest webinar to learn how to use InsightSquared to create a data-driven game plan that closes the year strong and sets you up for Q1 next year. Our guest presenter, Terry Walsh, brings over 25 years of sales leadership experience to this topic, and we’ll also have time for Q&A.

Terry Walsh is Chicago-based Sales Effectiveness consultant who helps SMB and middle market business enterprises attain market traction and profitable revenue growth by transforming their sales practices, implementing sales methodologies, and effectively adopting CRM systems. He is author of the book, “99 Questions to Achieve your Sales Goals”.

Download the slides for this webinar here.

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