Should Your Reps Keep Calling That Prospect?

All sales reps have found themselves in this situation at one point: They have a great prospect in their sights, and they know that if they can just connect with him they have a great chance of closing the deal.

The only problem is your rep just can’t get the prospect on the phone.

They call once, leave a voicemail and wait a few days for a call back. Nothing.

They call again, leave another voicemail, but a few days later, still nothing.

And then a third time. This is when your rep starts to wonder if she’s wasting her time. Is it even worth continuing to call this unresponsive prospect? Or should she just move on?

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There’s never been a good answer to this question. Sure, a lot of people have weighed in ‒ “Call 6 times over the course of 60 days!”, “Call just enough so that you’re not annoying!” ‒ but no one has truly proposed a satisfying course of action. In fact, all of the advice has one thing in common: it’s based on hunches and instincts instead of data.

We’re not much for hunches and instinct around here, so we set out to get to the bottom of this important question using cold, hard data.

And the results surprised us.

What did we do? First, we analyzed over 21,000 of our own sales reps called over the course of 2 months. Then we measured how connect rate varied by attempt number. And then we talked to a lot of sales managers to see what we could learn from this data.

Curious about what our analysis showed? Download the one-page, data-backed guide to find out whether your reps should keep calling that unresponsive prospect or if it’s better to just cut their losses.

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