SiriusDecisions is excited to be participating at Ramp 2019! We’ll have several leading analysts at the event, including Dana Therrien, Julian Archer, and Anthony McPartlin who will share their research, data and insights on what is truly working and what is not in the rapidly evolving field of revenue operations.

It is unusual for SiriusDecisions to participate so heavily in an industry event, outside of our own of course, but we decided to go all-in on Ramp for several reasons.

First, SiriusDecisions was founded on the premise that companies grow faster when sales and marketing are operationally aligned and revenue operations is at the center of what makes alignment work. Second, as critically important as revenue operations is in driving growth through alignment, it is evolving rapidly and not enough companies are getting it right. Finally, the level of change required to develop an effective revenue operations capability is significant and leaders need to learn from each other.

In a recent SiriusDecisions webcastDana Therrien advised, “Don’t underestimate the level of change required. Bring everyone on board and let them know what is in it for them – because there is something positive for all. Be a bigger player – revenue operations provides operations leaders with an opportunity to elevate their responsibility and strategic value to the organization. There is so much career potential that is going to come out of this from people who have traditionally worked in sales and marketing operations and customer success – you’ll now have the ability to work across these teams and accelerate your own skills in these areas.”

SiriusDecisions research across more than 4,000 b-to-b companies clearly shows that those with strong operational alignment across sales and marketing grow 12 to 15 times faster than their peers and are 34 percent more profitable.

The bottom line is that we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share what we’ve learned through our work with so many b-to-b clients with the great audience that Ramp attracts.

We look forward to seeing you there!

In the meantime, check out Dana’s thoughts on AI and revenue operations in his recent blog post titled “Artificial Intelligence, Baseball Umpires and … Revenue Operations?”


Ramp is June 13-14 in Boston at the Revere Hotel. Register here!

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