[Slideshare] 13 Pervasive (And Totally Wrong) Myths About Sales Reps

Much like lawyers and politicians, many sales reps face terrible and all-too-common stereotypes about their chosen profession. You say “I’m a sales rep” and many people immediately picture a stereotypical used car salesman, winking, shooting off finger guns and asking, “What can we do to get you in a car today?”

We’re here to discredit these negative and nasty stereotypes, and tell you that the world of sales has changed – for the better. Sales reps today aren’t the sleazy salesmen of your imagination. In fact, sales is full of creative, intelligent, and widely different people who believe strongly in the products they’re selling. So forget the bad toupee, the gold pinky rings and the cheesy sales lines –  get ready to bust some sales myths.



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