[Infographic] Sales Challenges Staffing Firms Will Face in 2015

We all wish that we could see the future. It’s natural to think, “If I had only known to (insert action here), I wouldn’t be up a creek now.”

Mistakes are necessary — experimentation and failure are the first two steps on the road to success — but wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a mirror on the wall that told us what pitfalls we need to be ready for?

Well, staffing and recruiting professionals are in luck. InsightSquared and Bullhorn teamed up to find out what sales challenges staffing firms should expect to face in 2015, and created an infographic to share the findings.

Take a look to find out the 3 major sales challenges staffing firms expect to face in 2015 and see how your firm stacks up to your competition. Our data isn’t quite a crystal ball, but using it to prepare your team certainly beats flying blind into the new year.

For more in-depth analysis of sales practices at top staffing and recruiting firms, fill out the form in the sidebar and pre-register for our 2015 Sales Benchmarking Report!

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