A great football matchup, parties with family and friends, the ads… most of us are pretty jacked up for the Super Bowl this weekend. Why not leverage this energy and excitement to drive activity by creating a sales contest with a Super Bowl theme?

Here are some ideas. (#4 is my favorite!)

1) Host a Super Bowl party at the office for the winner

Does your office have a lot of couch space and a big-screen television? Create a sales contest where the winner and his or her friends will be able to host a Super Bowl party at the office space, including a keg and catered food covered by the company.

2) Have your reps “race” for a Touchdown

Create a large map of a football field on a posterboard and display it for the sales team to see. Each ten yard line represents a call volume or dollar volume for sales, and is assigned a prize. Sales reps, represented by tacks or magnets, will start at one end zone and move toward the other. The closer they get to a touchdown, the better the prize. Include rewards like bottles of nice beer, gift cards, dinners for two, or any of these 11 sales gift suggestions.

3) Give away jerseys & autographed merchandise

Not everyone is willing to drop $100+ for an official football jersey, so the possibility of winning one can be a great incentive for some friendly competition – especially if your sales reps are big football fans! Pick a metric to measure – connects, meetings scheduled, deals closed-won – and set a specific goal. Promise that every rep who hits the goal in a certain time period will win a jersey or autographed item of their choice. Give them options within your budget, and make sure to include all football teams (not just the ones competing this Sunday) to increase interest.

4) Make Sales Super Bowl squares

This contest is a version of an existing contest that we adapted for sales teams to liven up the atmosphere on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Here’s how you run it:

  1. Recreate this 10×10 grid from printyourbrackets.com on a posterboard using 2 inch x 2 inch squares – make sure there is enough room in each square for sales reps’ names. (Or just print it out… but making it big on a poster board for everyone in the company to see is more fun!)

  1. Decide how much money you can allocate to this contest. There will be 4 winners at the end winning 10%, 10% again, 30%, and 50% of the winnings.

  2. Choose a set of metrics – connects, meetings scheduled, deals closed, calls from a single lead source – and set specific goals for each. Then, come up with a number of fun goals not related to sales metrics, like “get a retweet from an industry thought leader,” “comment on a prospect’s blog,” or “engage with 5 prospects on LinkedIn.” Display these goals in a place where the whole sales team can see them, like on a whiteboard or a TV monitor.

  3. Announce the goals to the sales team on Thursday afternoon. The contest will take place all day on Friday, before the Super Bowl.

  4. On Friday, every time someone hits one of the goals, they can come up to the grid on the poster and write their name in any square they’d like. The more goals they hit, the more squares will contain their name – and the more likely they are to get a prize after the Super Bowl. The squares should be filled up as much as possible by the end of the day. (If there are a lot of squares open by the end of the day, add some last-minute contests!)

  1. When the contest is over on Friday afternoon, gather the sales team to review the results. Then, write the numbers 0-9 on pieces of paper and place them in a hat. Draw the numbers one at a time, placing the numbers from left to right in the top row, and continuing across the top row until the numbers are gone. Then, redraw the numbers and do the same thing with the left column, starting at the top. By the end, your grid should look something like this:

  1. Tell your team to check their email at the end of each quarter to find out the winner.

  2. Bring the poster board with you to wherever you will be watching the game.

  3. At the end of each quarter of the game, match the last digit of each team’s score with the grid to find the winner. For example, a score of Denver 18, Seattle 32 would mean finding the square where 8 on the vertical scale meets 2 on the horizontal. The person whose name is written in the intersecting square wins that pool. If no one claimed the winning square, declare whoever is closest to the winning square the winner.

  4. Snap a picture of the grid, with the winner circled, and email it to the whole team after every quarter.

  5. Award prizes to the owners of the boxes matching the scores at the end of each quarter. 10% of the allotted winnings goes to the 1st and 3rd quarter scores, 30% to the halftime score, and 50% to the final score.

Theming sales contests around current events is a great way to drive engagement, increase employee happiness, and drive results on the sales metrics of your choice. If you need some ideas for which metrics to measure for your contest, check out our blog post on how to design effective sales contests.

If you tried any of these ideas, or if you have other Super Bowl-themed sales contest ideas, we’d love to hear about them! Comment below or tweet us @insightsquared.

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