It seems like everyone is talking about Sales Enablement these days. What was until recently a fairly niche concept has exploded onto the scene and become one of the most talked-about trends in the sales industry.

In fact, with sales teams planning for 2015, the discussion around Sales Enablement is at fever pitch.

According to our friends at Vantage Point Performance and, a full 40% of companies are currently tracking some kind of sales enablement metric, and even more are planning to give it more thought in the near future.

In fact, it seems like everywhere you look Sales Enablement is being called “more important than we typically hear” and the “hot go-to-market topic of 2014-2015.”

There’s only one problem: Nobody can agree on what Sales Enablement really means.

Everyone from Forbes to Yahoo is taking a stab at defining it. But unfortunately there is hardly a consensus. Even worse, no one really gives a blueprint for companies that want to build a sales enablement arm from scratch.

What are the benefits of Sales Enablement? What are its fundamental parts?

Just like you, we wanted answers to these questions, so we got to work. We teamed up with Docurated, a thought leader in the field, to write an eBook that clearly lays out the 3 pillars of Sales Enablement:

  1. Marketing Automation
  2. Sales Analytics
  3. Content Management

With this FREE eBook, you will learn to use these 3 pillars to start bolstering your sales team and set it up for rapid growth.

Download it today and learn about the rocket fuel for sales leaders!

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