What do you think of each morning as you head into work? You probably make a list of emails you need to send, important calls to make, and how to push a tough deal to close. While these are all important concerns, it also means that you – like many people – are caught up in the day-to-day routine of sales and aren’t always thinking of your long-term career development.

If you want to become a more successful sales rep, you have to be incredibly focused and self-motivated – constantly trying to learn and improve your skills. This may sound daunting, but you can start your path to self improvement today.

Here is a 5-day plan to start becoming a better salesperson now, and every week going forward. By focusing on these specific goals each weekday, you’ll see better sales results, faster returns, and higher sales numbers.

Monday: Get Organized

On Monday morning, you should come in early and make a solid plan for the upcoming week. You want to schedule out your calls and demos, and then block off specific hours each week for prospecting, research, and more. Great sales reps are incredibly disciplined and have a powerful work ethic that carries them through slow periods. You should create an organized sales process that you follow consistently, no matter how stressed or distracted you may be. By staying organized and focused, you will see better results in the long-term.

Tuesday: Do Your Research

You should never go into a call without extensively researching the prospect, the company, and their possible business needs. If you’re cold calling, you should work on using trigger events to improve your connection with prospects. If you’re further along in the sales process, you should be reviewing your CRM for the latest data to better tailor your pitch to the prospect’s business needs. The success of a sales call truly rests on how prepared you are for the discussion, and if you can cover the right selling points and features.

Wednesday: Be a Competitor

It’s time to execute on that aggressive plan and start making serious dials. The best sales reps out there are incredibly competitive people – always pushing themselves to work harder than the rep next to them – to close the most deals and to be the best. You should relentlessly chase down prospects, focus on your goals, and push to sell more every day. In order to come out on top, you have to be more resourceful and persistent than the rep next to you. It’s the extra effort that will set you apart and help you close the deal that pushes you to the #1 spot.

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Thursday: Brainstorm

Look back at what’s happened so far this week, put on your thinking cap and ponder some ways you can improve as a sales rep. Critical thinking and creativity are key sales skills, and you shouldn’t forget to cultivate your abilities. Consider making a few small tweaks to your standard sales pitch, do some research into new sales tools that may help you in your job, and get some in-depth coaching from your manager on your weaker sales skills. You should always be looking for new and better ways to approach prospects and sell more effectively.

Friday:  Experiment with New Ideas

Take those interesting ideas you had on Thursday and try them out on your calls on Friday. Consider what pitch will work best with what prospect – don’t just follow the same old patterns and think it will work every time. You should think of yourself as a sales scientist – keep coming up with new ideas, test them out, and see if you experience better results. You must be open-minded and curious about the results – don’t assume that something won’t work before you even try it. You may be surprised to find that by calling at a different time or by focusing on a different feature, you’ll see much better results.
Feel free to mix up any of these days in your schedule as you’d like – whatever works best for you during the workweek. But as long as you set aside the time to focus on your personal sales development, you will continue to improve and become a better salesperson.

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