Having a system that can collect your data and offer extremely powerful reports in just a few clicks is great. But if checking these reports is not a part of your routine, then you are not using your data to its full potential.

The solution: daily emailed reports.

Here are the four steps you should take in order to maximize your value from your new reporting system.

1. Make it part of a daily routine to look at your data

Like any professional athlete or dance instructor (or my foreign language teacher) will tell you, the more you do something the better you’ll get at it. Not surprisingly this also applies to understanding and analyzing your data. A data intelligence partner can help immensely by giving you the data in an easy to consume format but it’s up to you to look at the data routinely and figure out what it means in the context of your company’s goals.

Some examples:  A daily record of the activities from the day before might yield insight into why your ratios aren’t exactly what you expected. Maybe a list of yesterday’s placements gives you a good conversation starter with your employees. Or even a list of data fidelity issues gives you an idea of how much better everyone is getting at keeping their data accurate.

When you’re watching your data closely, you’ll see the behavior changes in your employees almost immediately, empowering you to tweak until everything is running like a well-oiled machine.

By Fritman at www.fritman.deviantart.com

2. The giraffe or the eagle… or both!

I’m not really an expert on animals but I’m going to go out on a limb and proclaim the giraffe as the watering hole’s stalwart observer. With a neck like that he surely sees all the local happenings and he’s a lot like a daily report. If you want exactly what happened yesterday, he’s the one to ask.

The eagle on the other hand is a flying high above the action, gathering the meaningful tidbits of information but on a much grander scale. He’s our weekly report, knowing what the visitors at each watering hole did but he isn’t interested in what everyone was wearing.

If you want to manage your business with data, you need both the giraffe and the eagle. The daily reports give insight while the weekly reports give you context. Together they work together to give you a full picture.

3. Demand email reports

Your data intelligence partner needs to make it easy for you to get daily and weekly reports and I can’t think of an easier way than a detailed report emailed to you every morning before you get in. If you’re not currently getting your reports emailed to you, maybe it’s time for a better partner.

4. Set goals and track your progress

The best part about receiving daily email is you can pick the specific parts of your business you want to improve and focus on those and then easily track the improvement. It’s hugely rewarding to see the fruits of your analysis and actions.


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