The Perfect Sales Pitch for the Admin, the Champion and the Decision-Maker

Every Closed-Won deal requires not one sales pitch, but many.

Reps have to convince an administrator, a team lead, a manager, a CFO and a few more people in order to close every deal. In fact, in today’s market a B2B buying decision involves an average of 5.4 people, according to research from CEB. Reps need to reach a consensus across multiple tiers of the organization, often including the C-Suite.

If even one person doesn’t agree to purchase your product, you could lose the deal. Because of this, sales reps must navigate the account effectively and sell to prospects across multiple roles. However, each prospect has their own unique priorities and goals in mind during the buying process.

Sales reps can’t use the same talk tracks and selling points when working with the admin as they do with the CFO. Here’s how to target and personalize your sales pitch exactly to your audience, winning over prospects in every role and every level of business.

The Line-of-Business Employee

An administrator or other lower-level employee is often the first person you’re able to reach during a sales engagement. This employee will become one of the core users of your product and often immediately sees the value in your pitch. However, a line-of-business employee is often busy and overwhelmed, and unable to do real work because of the time-consuming processes he has to follow.

In this case, you should emphasize the personal benefits the prospect will see from using your product. For example:

  • How much time your product will save
  • How easy your product is to use
  • How quickly the prospect will get solid results
  • How impressed their boss will be

A line-of-business employee isn’t selfish, but he’s often too deep in the weeds to see the bigger picture. Appeal to the personal benefits the prospect will experience with your product, and he’ll be enthused and happy to refer you to someone else at the company with authority.

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The Internal Champion

Unlike a line-of-business employee, a champion has more power and influence within the organization. She isn’t the one who will sign your PO, however, she can offer inside information and help you sell the product internally. If you can win over an internal sales champion, you have a much higher chance of closing the deal.

For this role, you want to emphasize both the benefits to the prospect personally, and the potential to change the business for the better. For example:

  • Your product’s compatibility with other technology
  • The ease of training and implementation
  • The problem your product will solve for entire business
  • The value it will offer to executive leadership

With this information in hand, the champion can help introduce you to power, and set the buying process in motion. Because leadership at the company trusts the champion’s judgement, you will be fast-tracked to the top once she’s on board.

The Decision-Maker

You usually only have one chance to pitch a decision-maker, so you better make it good. If you’re talking to a CEO, VP, or another C-Suite level prospect, your pitch should really be all about the ROI.

For example, every decision-maker wants to know:

  • How much your product costs with quantifiable ROI
  • Competitive analysis
  • The key business value your product offers
  • How your product will drive substantial improvements in their business

As you move up the chain to the decision-maker, each pitch gets a little more difficult and a little less forgiving of mistakes. If you reach the decision-maker, make sure you’re prepared and have the right pitch customized to their specific needs and priorities.

Every sales prospect has varying needs, and before you get on a call, make sure you’ve customized your pitch to their role. An administrator, a champion and a decision-maker all have different priorities and therefore want different things from your product. Make sure you can win them all over, and close the deal.

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