Welcome to center stage, Sales Ops.

After years of operating more or less behind the curtain, Sales Ops is currently in the midst of a rapid rise in awareness and perceived importance. Whether this rise is due to the rapid improvements to sales technology or to the growing demand for sales efficiency, one thing is clear: Sales Ops has never been considered more critical to sales success.

This is great news for anyone in the Sales Ops field. More attention means more input, more resources, and more opportunities for growth.

But these gains don’t come without their costs. The flipside of Sales Ops being pulled into center stage is that the spotlights are brighter and the demands are more critical. As it becomes clearer and clearer how critical Sales Ops is to the success of the larger sales team, many Sales Ops leaders are wondering how they can rise to the occasion and elevate their role and team in the larger context of the organization, and asking tough questions like:

  • How can I play a larger role in my sales team’s success?
  • How can I get momentum behind Sales Ops’ projects?
  • What can I do to get support from the executive team?
  • How can I make my function more proactive?

These are common questions for a team that’s starting to get the respect it deserves, but they are not easy to answer. But we know how important they are to elevating and evolving the Sales Ops function, so we wanted to try.

We teamed up with Docurated to provide Sales Ops leaders with a definitive guide to elevating Sales Ops at their organizations. It answers all of the questions listed above, and provides blueprints for common Sales Ops career paths, presentation tips, and helpful metrics to help Sales Ops professionals understand and navigate the rapidly changing sales landscape.

If you’re in a Sales Ops role and you want to put yourself and team in the best position to succeed, this is the eBook for you.

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