We’ve churned out a lot of content valuable for sales teams in the past year. Before we launch into the slew of content we’ve got prepped for 2013, here is a rundown of the top 5 most viewed blog posts about sales analytics.

5. Is Uncle Joe Eating All the Turkey?

We really got serious about analytics when we had a robust post about measuring your family’s Thanksgiving performance. This post included how much turkey was consumed, awkward political conversation, and the familial insights one can glean from running your Turkey Day by the numbers. Turns out, turkey consumption depends a great deal on your Uncle Joe.

4. You Can Keep Your Deal a Day

One company’s pain points are another company’s chance to avoid pitfalls. We delved into the how to avoid the sales team problem at Groupon that led to a sizable layoff back in November. How exactly do you scale your team in the right way? This blog post tackles that difficult question.

3. Objective Pipeline Management

Do you mange your sales pipeline objectively or subjectively? In response to an outside blog post, we talk about creating a pipeline management process that is built on objective analysis, instead of relying on theoreticals. How often does what your sales reps believe will happen actually happen? Even if they are 90% right, there is that 10% to improve at using historical data. We’ll show you how.

2. Seven Insights from your Salesforce Data

Sales Trending

Sales Trending is one of the seven

Our primer on the seven insights you should be getting from your Salesforce data was our second most popular blog post. We list the basic metrics that every sales team should be setting up reports and looking at each week, running down what it is and why it’s important for your business.

1. Our Series A Announcement

Not too surprisingly, our Series A announcement that highlighted an investment from salesforce.com, among our other investors, was our most popular post. Since this post, we’ve been going full steam on making our analytics suite the best business intelligence tool for salesforce.com users.

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