It’s happened to all of us: You hit “send” on a business email only to realize (too late, of course) that there was some foolish mistake in it. Maybe it was a typo, perhaps you included a wrong email address, or, most embarrassing of all, maybe you meant to link to a pertinent blog post or eBook but instead linked to the awesome gif you were just looking at in another tab.

Whatever the case, these small errors can have a big impact. Especially if you’re sending a sales email to a prospect you’re really excited about connecting with. When this happens, you probably just wish the floor would swallow you.

But there’s a better way. We talked to dozens of sales reps and managers to compile a list of the most common sales email mistakes and turned it into this printable checklist. Salespeople can use it before they send any email to ensure that they don’t end up putting their worst foot forward (or in their mouth).  

Get the checklist today so you can:

  • Avoid common sales email mistakes
  • Make the right first impression
  • Write emails that get results
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