The Weekly Sales Cycle: Blog Roundup 6/30/15

Our weekly sales blog roundup is a curated list of must-read content that we think will be particularly interesting or useful to every sales professional. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Beyond the Challenger Sale (Interview with Brent Adamson)

Brent Adamson, coauthor of “The Challenger Sale,” says that your number one competition isn’t your competitors and their ability to sell–it’s your customers and their ability to learn. This is because, according to his most recent research, prospects are 57% of the way through their decision process before they ever are in contact with a sales person. Jill Konrath recently sat down with Adamson to talk through the compelling findings of his new research, and get his take on how sales professionals need to adapt. “The Challenger Sale” has remained one of the most highly-endorsed books in the field of sales since it’s November 2011 release. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, check out our recap before diving into this great two-part interview with Adamson.

via Jill Konrath

Deadly Sales Management Trend: Lack of a Common Language

In a new blog series, Salesforce is looking at “deadly trends that are hobbling sales management” and offering up some advice on how to combat them to make sure your company doesn’t fall victim. Their recent post looks at the not-too-often discussed problem of the lack of a common language within sales teams. It may seem like semantics should be the least of a sales manager’s worries, but as this post examines, it can actually have major implications on your ability to effectively communicate with and coach your reps.

via Salesforce

How to Sell to SMBs And Still Get to$100m in ARR

A smart pricing strategy is critical to a SaaS businesses’ success. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when determining your product’s price–in fact, the company Price Intelligently’s business is built entirely around this concept. But in a recent post by Jason Lemkin, he offers a straightforward perspective on the often complicated matter of pricing. His opinion? Never price your SaaS product anywhere between $5-$199 a month.

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Best Practices For Setting Up Your Office To Maximize Employee Productivity [Infographic]

There are an endless amount of tips and tricks out there that aim to help you maximize personal productivity. But what sort of impact does your company’s workspace have on your daily efficiency? It seems like common sense that your company’s layout, culture and physical conditions would have a big influence on productivity and the success of your company overall, but looking through this infographic, it’s surprising to think about how many companies might miss the mark.

via Forbes

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