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The Three Biggest Challenges of Today’s Sales Reps

With the rise of inbound marketing and the abundant amount of information freely available, buyers are more educated than ever before. Chances are your prospects have invested a considerable amount of time researching products and solutions before ever making contact with your reps. The evolution of the buyer’s role calls for a different approach to sales, and not all organizations are keeping up. Qvidian recently surveyed hundreds of executives and sales leaders across various industries, markets, and company sizes to uncover where sales organizations are really struggling amidst this shift, and honed in on three primary areas, including: sales rep ramp-up, personalization and communicating value, and lack of efficiency.

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How to Implement a Sales-Marketing Alignment Strategy

The need to make adjustments to accommodate new buyer behavior goes beyond just sales. Traditionally, marketing owned the top of the funnel activities, and left the rest to sales. Now, with increased complexity and an average of 5.4 stakeholders involved in any given deal, marketing needs to support sales with relevant content throughout all stages of the funnel. In order to do this successfully, sales and marketing need to work more closely and be fully aligned. This article from Sales Hacker by Docurated’s Fergal Glynn lays out the key components of a successful sales-marketing alignment strategy.

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Extroverted vs. Introverted Sales Reps: Who Should You Hire?

Based on the stereotypical profile of what makes a successful salesperson, it seems like a safe assumption to say you should go for hiring an extrovert over an introvert. But Alen Mayer, author of Selling for Introverts, says not so fast. He makes a convincing case for introverted salespeople, saying their approach can be just as successful, and that having a mix of both introverts and extroverts will actually have a positive impact on your business. Read his interview with Inkling to see how training and retaining introverted salespeople can give your company a competitive advantage.

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Eight summer reading recommendations for B2B sales & marketing professionals

Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing published a list of eight summer reading recommendations for B2B sales and marketing professionals this week. There are some great suggestions for both work and play. Definitely check this list out if you’re on the hunt for your next read.

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