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An Actionable Guide to Key Sales Activities

You know the numbers you need to hit, and you have a sales process to follow that will get you there. But, the days in the month go by and unexpected things come up, and all of a sudden it feels like you’re flying by the seat of your pants to make your number before the end of the month. With some straightforward explanations and basic math, Pipedrive CEO and Co-Founder Timo Rein highlights the importance of focusing on the small sales activities you need to tackle each day to get big results.

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The Sales Development Team: A Proven Framework for Success

For growing companies, sales development reps are crucial to maintaining momentum and accelerating revenue. If the sales development function at your company is minimal or non-existent, this article presents a strong case for why they are a crucial part of your organization’s success, as well as a detailed look at how you would go about building the structure of an SDR team. Closers require a distinct set of skills and a different style of management, and devoted attention needs to be paid to hiring, training, and scaling your team of prospectors.

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3 Questions to Diffuse a Sales Price Objection

Price objections come in all shapes and sizes. Every prospect you’re dealing with is going to ask the question, but their motivation for doing so will vary. As our Sales Director said recently in his blog, price conversations and negotiations often turn into huge distractions from the sales process and your reps’ ability to focus on the real value your solution provides. This article lays out some great strategies to avoid getting derailed from having impactful conversations by getting to the root of the price question coming from your prospect.

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The 2015 Ultimate Guide to Startup Sales Tools

Last week, Bowery Capital published their 2015 Guide to Startup Sales Tools. For any executive or salesperson at a growing company who is looking to improve their sales infrastructure, this guide is a great resource. It’s organized by sales funnel stage, as well as broken up into different categories based on function, making it easy to jump to wherever your interest lies.

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