The Weekly Sales Cycle: Blog Roundup

Our weekly sales blog roundup is a curated list of must-read content that we think will be particularly interesting or useful to every sales professional. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • 17 Questions to Identify the Best Sales Development Rep Candidates– There’s lots of information out there on what traits to look for in candidates as you build out your sales team. As you work to figure this out for your company, it’s important to make the distinction between what you are looking for in a prospector versus a closer. They are two different tasks that require two different sets of skills, and as such, call for different types of people for the role. This article from Hubspot provides some specific and pointed questions to ask when interviewing sales development reps, and what to listen for in answers to each.
  • 3 Sales Infographics That You Should Be Hanging On Your Office’s Fridge– Did you know that 79% of marketing leads never convert to a sale and most of the time it is because a lack of lead nurturing? How about that 44% of sales reps quit after just 1 rejection?  Or that combining sales training with coaching yields a 4x return compared to training alone? Here’s a list of three compelling and share-worthy sales infographics that are sure to teach you something new.
  • How Sales Leaders Can Create a Lasting Competitive Advantage– Speaking of sales training, Duane Sparks, founder and chairman of The Sales Board, offers some words of wisdom on the importance of sales training. We’re big believers that the best sales training offers measureable and repeatable results. He stresses sales training as a key differentiator in giving your company a lasting competitive advantage and speaks about his experience first-hand.
  • 8 Actionable Ways to Use LinkedIn for B2B Sales– Even those who consider themselves LinkedIn sales pros can learn a thing or two from this list. With over 350 million users worldwide and Q1 sales of $638 million, the social network is constantly growing and evolving. There’s a ton of opportunity for B2B salespeople to take advantage of, and these tips can help you stay ahead of the curve.
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