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It’s a well known fact that we send and receive countless emails per day. In an earlier tip, I recommended mailing out a handwritten note to get the attention of your recipients. However, in our day-to-day it’s necessary to use email and most departments depend on it in order to communicate with their audience. 

In the end, we want to make sure our messages are enticing enough that we earn the right for our reader to open our email. 

So how will we know what grabs their attention? Consider A/B testing your efforts.

Even the smallest change can drive big results! Below is an example of the results we got by A/B testing if a banner in our email made an impact. Blue represents emails with the banner and red are those without. It’s clear that adding a banner made a significant impact in our clicks and opens.


It’s important to note that you should only change one item at a time. This is crucial because if you test more than one element, you won’t be able to conclusively tie the changes you made to the results.

A/B testing emails doesn’t just have to be in the hands of your marketing team. Account Executives, Business Development Reps, Account Managers, and anyone sending emails out can A/B test their efforts.

For example, as an Account Manager, you might be sending out an email to your customers who aren’t engaging with you or your product at the level you’d like. Create a list and separate them into 2 groups (keep the groups random and fair). From there, you can test things like different subject lines, call to actions, offers, screen shots, videos— the options are endless!

Last but not least, A/B testing doesn’t have to be limited to emails. Business Development Reps can test their opening pitch on a call, Marketers can test the time of day emails are sent, and much more! Get creative, a/b test, and improve how you communicate with your audience!

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