Imagine your opportunity is ready to sign on the dotted line, but they have a few specific requests. You know you will need to get their requests approved internally before their CFO goes on vacation early next week in order to secure this deal. Anxiety sets in because you are unsure of who to go to for what. Not knowing the right workflow can stall and your opportunity will potentially lose enough momentum that it doesn’t close on time, or even doesn’t close at all. 

It’s important to have transparency on the responsibilities of each department and the employees that roll up to ensure a seamless request and approval process. Below are a few examples of processes to implement to ensure a smooth end of year.

Discount Approvals

 Some companies have different approvals based on discount percentage. For example, reps can discount up to 5% without approval. However, if they want to go above 5% they will need their sales managers approval. A sales manager can discount up to 10% and anything over that needs the CFO’s approval. As a company, make an executive decision on discount approvals so your VP Sales and CFO aren’t bogged down approving a minimal discount.

Deal Des/Rev Ops Review Process

 While it might be tempting to Slack or run over to  your ops/legal team, we know it’s a nightmare for the person on the other end. What we do recommend is setting up a ticketing system for your reps to send items for your deal desk/ops team to review. By adding items such as priority and topic, this will clarify the ask and streamline the process. It’s also important there is a known SLA for deal desk/ops to respond to tickets to set the right expectations with both the rep and the prospect.


Keep Calendars Open

 Sales is a team sport. The go-to-market chain is filled with members from marketing to finance and each department has an extremely important role to play to secure a deal. As the end of the year approaches, it’s likely that executives and members of the GTM chain will be pulled in all sorts of directions and might not be available at the exact time you need them. We recommend departments and executives block off office hours and/or call blocks that can be utilized by the sales team to help close deals. This will eliminate ad hoc requests and lessen the stress that can arise when they do comes through.

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