Vertek Solutions: Quality Data Assured

Vertek SolutionsVertek Solutions is a 20-person staffing firm based in Nashville, TN with offices in Kentucky and North Carolina specializing in IT, Telecommunications, and Engineering. Vertek Solutions has InsightSquared connected to their Bullhorn ATS.

Brian Murphy, Vertek’s President, describes some of the data analysis issues they had before InsightSquared and how they’ve used our product to better their business.

What were your reporting needs?

In the past, we had the Bullhorn built-in reports plus Excel spreadsheets all over the place. We needed a centralized reporting system, a one-stop shop.

Now when I give my managers access to data, everyone is looking at the same reports. All divisions are using the same tool in the same way.

What was setup like?

When we first saw the demo, my head of ops and I just looked at each other and said: “This is exactly what we’re looking for.”

[blockquote align=”right”]When we first saw the demo, [we] said: “This is exactly what we’re looking for.”[/blockquote]Communication was good. I like that as our needs change we’re able to tweak the system. InsightSquared’s been able to accomodate and explain everything. It’s made our entire reporting experience better than before.

I liked how it pulled from Bullhorn, and I also liked how we could customize reports to use the same lingo we use internally.

How do you use InsightSquared?

I myself like reviewing booked placements and seeing our sales pipeline.

Our head of operations uses the Activity Dashboard and Activity Goals. The goals make his job a lot easier as these reports help him peel back the layers of our recruiting process to see what areas we are doing well, and what areas need improvement.

We now use InsightSquared for weekly reviews, quarterly reviews, and annual reviews. It lets us compare apples to apples with someone in one division versus another.

[blockquote align=””]The Data Quality features in InsightSquared have been great.[/blockquote]

The Data Quality features in InsightSquared have been great. They keep everyone accountable to make sure they’re doing the right thing in Bullhorn. Without seeing the daily updates in InsightSquared, a lot of those things got swept under the carpet.

Error reports are addressed daily here at Vertek. My management now looks at those daily updates and can stay on top of the team to make sure they’re putting the right data in, and employees know that if their documentation is not correct in Bullhorn, it will show up on the error report.

Thanks Brian! Your data quality screenshot speaks for itself. Amazing leaps in your quality score!