What’s On YOUR Daily Sales Metrics Dashboard?

Sales dashboards are just like fingerprints: everyone’s got a different set that makes them unique, and no two dashboards are ever identical.

Depending on your role – and your day-to-day job responsibilities – you will want to look at different sales metrics each day.

We asked a Sales VP, a Business Development Manager and a Closing Sales Rep – from three different companies, in three different industries –  to share their real analytics dashboards with the world, and give us a glimpse of which sales metrics really matter to sales professionals every day. These dashboards aren’t just great examples of how to organize your own metrics, but also offer a look into the minds of some talented and well-organized sales professionals.

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VP of Sales

For a VP of Sales, the dashboard is really about the bookings trajectory so far this month or quarter. How much has your team of reps closed in bookings so far? How much more do they need to close in the coming weeks? Is the sales team on track to hit the total bookings goal? Is there enough in the sales pipeline to hit that goal? But it’s not enough to look at bookings alone – an effective Sales VP also has to understand the entire Sales and Marketing funnel from start to finish.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”43385″ align=”center” width=”600″ height=”432″ quality=”100″]

This is just a small section of this VP’s extensive and detailed metrics dashboard. You can clearly see the focus on deals closed by rep in the bottom right of the screen and the all-important bookings trajectory in the top right. But this dashboard shows that the VP is keeping an eye on the top of the funnel too, as marketing progresses towards an overall Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) goal showing in the middle of the screen. The VP knows that today’s MQLs will turn into tomorrow’s sales opportunities and he wants to make sure his team won’t be in trouble next month. He’s also tracking how the business development team is taking those MQLs and creating the opportunities that will in turn become tomorrow’s deals for the closing team. This full understanding of the sales pipeline and the entire sales and marketing funnel is the key to effective, high-level sales leadership.

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Business Development Manager

This dashboard is completely different from that of a Sales VP. If you’re managing a team of Business Development Reps, your dashboard should be entirely focused on what your employees are doing every minute of the work day. How many calls has each rep made today? This week? This month? More importantly, how are they performing against their overall goals?

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”43387″ align=”center” width=”600″ height=”438″ quality=”100″]

In this dashboard, this sales manager can clearly track which reps are working the hardest by activity levels and which reps are working the most effectively by downstream conversions. Are they reaching their goals to call prospects, connect, schedule meetings, and source new opportunities for the closing team? This dashboard can help the BDR manager coach his reps to success by finding the weaknesses in their conversion rates. If, for example, the manager sees that one rep has a high number of connects but very few meetings scheduled, the manager can help coach him on his objection handling and other cold calling skills.

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Closing Sales Rep

Unlike Sales VPs or Sales Managers, closing reps are most concerned with their own activities and how they’re progressing towards personal goals. How much time are you spending on the phone, how many deals have you closed, and how much pipeline have you generated so far this month? However, closing reps are also interested in how they’re performing against their peers, and whether they’re leading the team or falling behind.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”43390″ align=”center” width=”550″ height=”487″ quality=”100″]

This dashboard shows exactly how many calls this rep has made today and the number of deals she has closed, in comparison to the other reps on her team. This rep is also tracking the number of people currently in a product trial, and has notes on upsell and revival opportunities that she should be working on. Being a closing rep requires knowledge of a lot of moving parts, but this rep has a handle on everything in this simple dashboard.

Every sales rep has their own preferred metrics dashboard, and arranges it according to what they need to know the most. These dashboards are suggestions for how you may want to set up your own sales metrics dashboard, according to your job and the metrics you care about the most. No matter how you design your sales dashboard, you know that you’re on the right track for sales success.

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