Why Jason Jordan Thinks you Need a New Sales Coaching Model

Jason Jordan is a man who has studied a lot of sales metrics. In fact, a few years ago, as part of the sales management training and development firm Vantage Point Performance, Jason conducted an extensive study of sales organizations (and their sales metrics) around the country. Through this widespread analysis, Jason uncovered 306 specific metrics that these organizations used to measure sales performance.

And what did Jason do with this data, you may ask.

Essentially, he looked at each and every one of these sale metrics and asked a simple question: Can this be managed?

Jason wanted to know what aspects of performance sales managers actually had control over, and the answers he found have helped shape his thoughts on sales management, and helped him write his bestselling book, “Cracking the Sales Management Code.”

So what were the results of this analysis? What did Jason learn about the sales metrics organizations use to measure sales performance? Basically, he learned that they fall into one of three main categories:

  1. Business Results are the metrics most Sales VPs think they are really being judged by and are the culmination of an entire organization’s efforts: market share, bookings, revenue churn, etc.

  2. Sales Objectives are the specific targets that an organization asks a sales force to reach. Things like acquiring certain customers and improving customer retentions.

  3. Sales Activities are what most sales managers are looking for — things that they can actually manage: # of dials per rep, # of reps per manager, $ spent on training, etc.

Although this last category — Sales Activities — only accounted for 19% of all the metrics mentioned in the study, they were the only ones that Jason identified as “manageable” in the traditional sense. In other words, they are  the only things that a sales manager can directly control through his management decisions.

Although this may seem like a fairly obvious realization on the surface, it actually has a tremendous impact on how sales managers approach their jobs.

But you can’t stop there. With this new research at their disposal, sales managers should keep pushing and ask themselves: How can I improve my reps’ Sales Activities through targeted coaching?

Luckily, Jason has some tangible and specific answers to this question, and he has teamed up with InsightSquared to share them with you!

In this exclusive FREE eBook with InsightSquared, Jason dives deep into his groundbreaking research to offer sales managers actionable tips for achieving Business Results through metrics-based sales coaching.

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