Discover the First Call Resolution Industry Standard Here

According to research from MetricNet, the First Call Resolution industry standard is 74%. This number varies significantly by product, industry, etc.

To elaborate on the First Call Resolution industry standard, anything south of 40% is considered low, and anything north of 90% is considered high.

If your First Call Resolution is on the low end, there could be a variety of explanations.

Maybe you have an awesome public knowledge base that is preventing most simple issues from even being opened as cases in the first place. That’s not such a bad thing, is it?

Or maybe you have the product or service your company sells includes really specific directions to get customers up and running. That’s not so bad either, right?

Or maybe the stars aligned and your company created an A+ product or service that functions almost flawlessly, so customers only call you about really complex issues. It could be worse.

If your FCR is well below the First Call Resolution industry standard, there are easy ways you can improve it.

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