How Customer Service Affects Sales And Why That Matters

Ever wonder how customer service affects sales? You’re not alone.

As the SaaS space continues grow, churn rate is becoming increasingly important. Software companies rely heavily on the retention of customers in order to generate revenue. Simply put, they can’t afford to lose many customers.

Customer service obviously plays a huge role in reducing churn rate and retaining customers. But customer service impacts more just churn rate — it impacts sales.

But how does customer service affect sales?

Well, at the most basic level, great customer service creates more upsell opportunities. Happy customers are more willing to spend money on your product(s). Keep your customers happy, and you’ll have a much easier time trying to get them to buy more from you.

Unhappy customers won’t want to buy anything else from you. If you tell them about a new product you just launched, don’t expect them to blink an eye.

Not only are happy customers easier to sell to, but they’re also the best source of referrals.

Your happiest customers will have no problem telling the world how great you are. Their friends and family will have a great first impression of your company, making it easier for your sales team to engage with them.

At the end of the day, customer service has an enormous impact on the sales process. Improving your customer service team is worth the effort. If you hesitant to believe that, just ask your sales team.

So now you know customer service affects sales and why that matters. Now go forth and prosper, by taking your customer service team to the next level.

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