Data Intelligence for Recruiters

A 2011 Nucleus Research study showed that business analytics applications returned $10.66 for every dollar spent. Yes, that’s a ten-fold revenue benefit by employing analytics to drive your business.

Yet only 21% of small & mid-sized businesses have deployed Business Intelligence (BI) technology, according to a recent Forrester report.

Which means you can get an edge on your competition.

Download “Better Data, Better Business: The Top 5 Recruitment KPIs” now to learn what Key Performance Metrics you can start tracking today to get started with better Business Intelligence for your company.

Specific to the recruiting industry, this white paper not only outlines the best KPIs to measure, but also describes how to measure each KPI with or without a data analytics tool. InsightSquared has aggregated data from all the recruiting firms we service to see what truly moves the needle in this industry.

Download now and get an edge over your competition today!

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