Manage Sales Activity Ratios

See what makes top performers, well, top performers

Activity ratios

Take the first step to understanding your team’s performance by tracking rep activity ratios. By analyzing calls to opportunities and opportunities to closed deals, you’ll uncover the “why” behind the “what” of your team’s performance.

Activity vs Goal

InsightSquared’s quota attainment reports help management link activities to outcomes for any time period — allowing you to optimize rep activities.

Activities by Employee

Identifying what top performers do differently is a powerful coaching tool for sales teams. InsightSquared allows sales leaders to segment activities by employee, making it easy to isolate the behaviors that lead to “Club.”

InsightSquared helps me understand the conversion rates stage-by-stage for each of my reps helping me with appropriate and individualized coaching.

Emmanuelle Skala, VP Sales, Influitive

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Activities by Employee

How effective is each employee? Uncover the behaviors of your top performers to help coach and train others and unlock their performance.

Activities vs Goal

See your activity attainment and growth across any time period. This chart can slide right into your weekly sales meeting deck. 

Sales funnels

“The funnel” is arguably the most fundamental chart for any inside sales team. Whether you evaluate performance based on activity or outcome, the shape and velocity of the funnel is an essential view into your business.

InsightSquared’s funnel reports help you diagnose team performance and manage opportunities more productively.

Coach with Win/Loss Cycle

Use the funnel to understand where each rep is losing deals, and then coach them specifically on that stage. Pipeline and activity reporting monitor the health of each employee’s pipeline.

Sales Funnel Intervals

Automatic snapshotting gives you complete multi-year CRM history, while also enabling you to isolate any time period or interval.

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