Mobile Sales Dashboards

Track performance, no matter where you are

Mobile dashboards

Months and quarters don’t always end on weekdays — and they certainly don’t close at 5:00 p.m. Modern sales leaders stay engaged around the clock. InsightSquared’s mobile app makes it easy to check your forecasts, rep activities, or any other sales metric you care about wherever you are.

Sharable Reporting

Dashboards and reports can be sent to other team members from within the mobile app, making it easy for you to keep your team inspired without needing to crack open your laptop.

InsightSquared for iOS & Android

Feature Page – Mobile
Feature Page – Mobile
Mobile Dashboards

See your forecast, charted with likely ranges of outcome, and alternative forecasts based on historical performance and pipeline stages.

Share Reports

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals by pipeline stage for each rep to understand what’s really coming in this month and what’s pushing.

Champ – Real time deal notifications

Enjoy end-of-month sales fireworks in real-time. With Champ, InsightSquared’s free deal notifications app, everyone in the company an receive a push notification the moment a deal closes — and cheer the sales “Champ” who closed the business.

Celebrate Wins

Send a note of congrats with just a few taps. Timely recognition and a forthcoming leaderboard boosts morale and fosters healthy competition among reps.

Champ! for iOS & Android

Feature Page – Mobile
Feature Page – Mobile
Deal Notifications
Deal Details

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