Is your pipeline growing? Is the mix of stages changing?

Known as “snapshotting”, historical over-time views are limited and nearly impossible to implement using most CRMs’ built-in reporting systems. InsightSquared’s automatic snapshotting not only gives you full multi-year history but also enables you to instantly look at other intervals like weekly or quarterly.

Pipeline History

Go back in time.

InsightSquared’s automatic snapshots are also drillable so you can look back in time to the state of your pipeline…and see how that set of opportunities evolved over time.

Pipeline History: Drill

See the wave of change coming before it hits you.

Changes in your pipeline are a function not just of growth, but also of wins and losses exiting the pipeline. Get the real picture by tracking inflow and outflows by count as well as value.

Pipeline History: Inflow / Outflow

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