Comprehensive Sales Forecasting

Know exactly what will close this month (and what won’t)

The holistic company forecast

From an SDR to an AE to a director, every member of the sales team is responsible for hitting their number. They are also responsible for delivering a reliable forecast. InsightSquared gives sales teams the data and context to predict outcomes with unrivaled accuracy.

Contrast Forecast Results

There are many methods you can use to forecast. Contrasting multiple models is a proven way to arrive at a reliable forecast.

Forecasting Accuracy

Because CRM systems tend to offer limited forecasting tools, many reps turn to the least analytical method imaginable: their instinct. InsightSquared’s data-intensive models replace unreliable “guts” with analytical minds.

Pipeline Flow

When forecasts change, you need to understand why. Pipeline Flow reporting reveals what has changed, and helps identify which reps caused forecast to rise or fall.

Pipeline Coverage

You need to be looking ahead to the next quarter and the challenges it will bring. While your CRM may offer limited pipeline history, InsightSquared can go back years, across any interval you choose, for a complete picture of pipeline history.

Not having to labor in Excel and pivot tables to get the answers we need has been amazing, especially when it comes to forecasting our business.

Becka Dente, Conga


See your forecast, charted with likely ranges of outcome, and alternative forecasts based on historical performance and pipeline stages.

Forecast By Employee

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals by pipeline stage for each rep to understand what’s really coming in this month and what’s pushing.

Predictive sales forecasting

Sales leaders can employ any number of basic methodologies to produce forecasts, but predictive models require large sets of varied data. InsightSquared’s forecasting reports blend multiple factors including historical patterns, rep performance, stage data, and pipeline age to predict outcomes.

Win Rate By Stage

A key element of predictive sales forecasts is evaluating each rep’s win rate by stage. InsightSquared analyzes reps’ “personal sales cycles” to generate a realistic view of what they will close in the period.

Close Rate By Age

The likelihood an opportunity will close decays with time. Blockers emerge; projects lose momentum; priorities shift. Time-in-stage is an important signal for accurate forecasting tools.

Predictive Forecast

Forecasting with historical trendlines

For organizations with short sales cycles, pipeline-based forecasts are often very inaccurate. After all, deals that will close this month may not have yet been entered in your CRM. InsightSquared’s historical forecasts predict where you’ll end the month by factoring in previous performance, not solely current pipeline

Historical Forecast by Employee

InsightSquared allows you to follow each employee’s historical performance over any length of time, and predict their likely result.

Live Filtering

Filter historical forecasting groups by roles, team hierarchy, or any other values that reveal the details behind your sales performance.

Historical Forecasting

Managing your rep-based manual forecast

Company-level forecasts often begin at the rep-level. Team managers start by rolling up reps’ forecasts, and sales executives aggregate team forecasts.

Forecast Category Accuracy

Understand how accurate each rep is at forecasting, and, at the close of the sales period, review the factors that contributed to the accuracy of their prediction.

Boost Forecast Accuracy

Consistent use of forecasting definitions is crucial for manual forecasting. Track how your forecasts have changed over time and why.

Manual Forecasting

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