Visual Pipeline Management

At-a-glance command of open business

What is the state of your pipeline today?

End the Sunday night scramble to track down opportunities in time for Monday morning’s sales meeting. InsightSquared’s “Pipeline Today” report visualizes your entire pipeline simply and actionably. In a single glance, you’ll know which deals are at risk and which are about to close.

Opportunity History

Visually review the history of an opportunity, including activities logged against it.

Assess Risk Factors

Assess the risk factors that jeopardize your pipeline: value, age, and time in stage.

Effort Scoring

Prevent your team from wasting time on time wasters.

Integrated Communication

Ensure everyone’s on the same page by sending reports with comments directly through the app.

I know exactly where my pipeline is at all times and where I can expect to end each period.

Matt Oley, Swipely

Risk Factors

How is each employee coming in this month? Review deals by pipeline stage for each rep to understand what’s really coming in this month and what’s pushing.

Pipeline Today

See your forecast, charted with likely ranges of outcome, and alternative forecasts based on historical performance and pipeline stages.

How is my pipeline changing?

When it comes to pipeline, the three most important questions are: Is it growing? Is it concentrated in early or late-stage deals? And is there enough to hit quota?

InsightSquared’s pipeline management reports provide instant and reliable answers to these questions, helping you reconcile what happened to yesterday’s pipeline and anticipate what’s likely to happen to today’s.

Pipeline Value History

Review trends in pipeline history by deal count or value. Get a complete picture of adds and subtracts by stage.

Pipeline History Intervals

Automatic snapshotting allows you to view sales data from any historical time period — all the way back to the day you deployed your CRM.

Life without InsightSquared would be like a car without a dashboard. I wouldn’t know how fast I’m going, or how much gas I have left in the tank.

Nick Edwards, Boomtrain

Push Rates
Opportunity Changes

Where is your team’s strike zone?

Do you know not only which deals are most likely to close, but also what makes them so winnable? Our Strike Zone report allows you to arrange opportunities by likelihood to close and deal size, helping you crucial patterns in sales data.

See Win Rate By Deal Size & Age

See win rates by deal size and age. Monitor outliers to understand what deals are at risk.

Live Filtering

Filtering allows you to instantly understand how your team’s strike zone changes depending on teams, territories, product lines, or nearly any other field in your CRM.

Strike Zone

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