Built-in Salesforce reporting is complex to build and difficult for business users to adopt. Many sales organizations turn to Excel but Excel is not optimized for multi-user standardized reporting.

The solution: the reporting suite from InsightSquared is designed for Salesforce and easy for all users of your organization to understand.

InsightSquared’s robust business intelligence and analytics solution was easy to integrate and helps us get the most out of our data.”

James Sampson

Director of Revenue and Sales Operations


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Opportunity Funnel Your key report of sales effectiveness.

[one_half] Sales Funnel with Conversion Rates
[/one_half] [one_half_last] How well does your team convert at each stage of your sales funnel? If your bookings last month were better or worse than target, which stage of funnel was the cause? Understanding your funnel conversion is key to diagnosing sales effectiveness.
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  • Conversion rates from each stage to the next, with automatic handling of non-linearity and skipped phases
  • Drill to see which opportunities were lost along the way
  • Filter to see how your funnel varies by industry, type of opportunity, lead source, and more

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Sales Forecasting Will you hit your goals for this month?

[one_half] Finally, you’ll be able to trust your forecasting numbers. Our forecasting report is simple, intuitive, and accurate.
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  • Automatically account for variance in your system. We adjust for differences in your reps and types of deals
  • Segment your forecast too see exactly what you want: by employee, industry, product, and more
  • Easily adjust the forecast to include or exclude deals you know won’t close

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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Sales Forecasting

Sales Cycle Where do opportunities get stalled in your funnel?

[one_half] Sales Cycle By Employee
[/one_half] [one_half_last] How long does it take your team to close a deal? Is that getting better or worse? In what stage is the most time spent? How does each salesperson differ in what takes them the longest?
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  • Over Time: is your sales cycle getting better or worse over time, and which stage of the funnel is the cause?
  • By Employee: sales cycle for each individual salesperson, showing where each spends the most time
  • By Client: which customer took the longest to close, automatically factoring in repeat/renewal opportunities
  • Won vs Lost: diagnose lost opportunities by seeing visually where time is spent differently on won versus lost

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Pipeline Trends How strong is your backlog of potential deals?

[one_half] Snapshot-style reports are a powerful way to see trends in your data but they normally require cumbersome and expensive archiving/assembly of data. InsightSquared uses sophisticated logic to reverse engineer trend reports from your current data and audit trails, with the advantage that they can be computed for any time interval.
Trend reports allow you to answer critical questions about whether changes you are making to your organization are having positive effect.
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  • By Value or Count: is your pipeline growing over time, and in what stage
  • Drill By Stage: click to see exactly which opportunities were in that stage of the funnel at that time, and how they progressed from that point forward
  • Inflow and Outflow: track the pace of new opportunities added versus opportunities won and lost

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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time

Won/Lost Analysis Learn from your mistakes — and successes.

[one_half] Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Improving win rates is a key concern for any sales manager. With our Won/Loss analysis reporting you can detect patterns, improve your team’s processes — and track the results.
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  • View by created or close date to “cohort” for changes at the start or end of your sales funnel
  • Analyze win and loss rates over time to detect effects from changes in your organization
  • Compare by employee or by client to see variances and diagnose specific problems
  • Drill to see actual won and lost opportunities and improve performance using granular examples

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Nightly Status Emails Keep in the loop.

[one_half] How did your team do today? Who was the top performer? What deals came through?
Consolidated status emails contain multiple modules to keep you on top of everything at a glance. Plus you can customize them to show only the modules most important to your business.
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  • Modules: showing new deals, sales leaderboard, historical comparables, pipeline, percent-of-goal, data quality errors, and more
  • Separate emails specific to each team in your organization
  • Nightly and Weekly editions

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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Nighty Status Email

And more…

This was just a few of our Salesforce reports. We have dozens more pre-loaded. Get a free trial or click to see more.
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  • Insight Feed is a “Twitter-like” feed of notable events in your business, plus mini-charts
  • Activity Dashboard tracks events like calls or demos, and does so over time and by employee
  • Data Quality Dashboard tracks errors in data entry like missing fields or values out of range
  • Tagging & Filtering get as granular as you want by filtering on the fly
  • Goals set activity and sales quotas as goals, and track performance visually in detail
  • Employee Scorecards are a weekly-review-in-a-box
  • Activity Ratios help you troubleshoot how much effort it takes to close each deal
  • Opportunity Dashboard is a visual landscape of your opportunities with value, creation date, and effort
  • Campaign Analysis is the only way to measure the conversion rate through to deal of influencing (lead nurturing) campaigns
  • QuickBooks Integration get the same ease-of-reporting on your financial data, plus compare sales vs. actuals
  • M5 Integration integrate reporting and goals on your calling data



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