Demand Generation Analytics

Align marketing and sales so they can grow revenue faster together.
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Track your entire funnel to discover new opportunities to turn more leads into won deals in less time.

Connect your marketing and sales data out of the box — no messing with objects or workarounds required.

Sales and marketing alignment shouldn’t be an aspiration. It should be your new normal.

You’re struggling to keep your marketing and sales teams on the same page because of the gap between their data and processes.

So your sales team wastes time on low-quality leads that will never close, or they don’t have enough leads to work. As a result, revenue goals feel increasingly unattainable.

With InsightSquared’s demand generation reports, marketing and sales alignment becomes your new norm.

Marketing will know where their best leads are coming from and distribute more of them to sales. Sales will know which leads and lead stages to focus on. And you’ll have the data required to spot bottlenecks and fix them.

When marketing and sales are finally in sync, lead volume and conversions go up, and you’re consistently hitting your ambitious growth targets.

Pipeline Contribution

Know how to balance sales and marketing investments.

The Pipeline Contribution report shows each team’s contribution over any time period, down to the dollar.

If marketing’s contribution to pipeline is growing month over month, you know it’s time to add fuel to the fire. We’ll even show you which lead sources bring in the most valuable and high-converting leads so you know where to invest.

And when you know exactly how much value sales is adding to your pipeline and how that’s trending over time, planning SDR hiring isn’t a guessing game anymore.

Demand Generation Analytics
Demand Generation Analytics

Lead Count and Aging

Hold teams accountable for lead count and aging.

See how many leads marketing is producing and how actively your sales team is working each one.

In addition to knowing the number of leads, the Lead Count report reveals the lead quality mix, how that mix is changing, and progress towards goals.

Of course, lead generation is just an expensive exercise if sales isn’t actively moving them through your funnel. The Lead Aging report tells your team which leads and lead stages need attention to prevent leads from cooling off.

Now marketing is producing more and higher-quality leads and sales is working harder to close them.

Marketing Cycle

Discover opportunities to shorten your marketing cycle.

See how fast your marketing cycle is over any period of time and whether process changes, training, and new hires are speeding it up.

The Marketing Cycle report shows how long it takes for leads to move through your funnel and convert into an opportunity. You’ll know if your marketing cycle is longer than it should be, and which stages are slowing it down.

By zeroing in on the stages acting as a bottleneck and identifying the root causes, your teams can take steps to prevent lead decay and close more deals.

Demand Generation Analytics
Demand Generation Analytics

Lead Funnel

Help marketing and sales maximize lead velocity and conversions together.

The Lead Funnel report draws a line between new leads and won deals in one clean visual.

For each stage, see the number and percentage of leads that convert to the next stage and won deals. You’ll understand the downstream impact of improving a conversion rate higher in the funnel.

And when you spot a bottleneck, you can drill to discover what stuck leads have in common and how marketing and sales can work together to move through your funnel faster.

“I went years looking for this solution.”
“InsightSquared unlocks all of the information in Salesforce and makes it visual and actionable for my sales and marketing teams.
It helps us determine what deals have a lot of positive activity and shows us which ones are going stale so we can act on them.
It ties our marketing campaigns to our sales and shows me the ROI for all our campaigns.”
Andrew Angus
Andrew AngusOwner and Founder, Switch Video
Bring marketing and sales together with InsightSquared’s sales intelligence software.

Easily sync your CRM with InsightSquared to tie your historical marketing and sales data together immediately.


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Deep reporting for unique and account-based marketing models.

For most companies, our extensive library of pre-built reports answer all the important questions they’re asking.

But for those that need deeply customized reporting for questions particular to their business, there’s Slate: a powerful report builder that makes it possible to combine and visualize data from any sources.

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