Staffing Performance Analytics

Accurate, On-Demand Reporting

The Right Metrics, Right Away

Accurate, on-demand activity tracking

Phone calls, emails, sendouts, interviews — these activities form the foundation of success for staffing and recruiting firms. Activity data should be available whenever you want, so you can focus your time filling positions, not pulling reports

See activity sliced across different time periods, by employee, against goals, or broken down by the categories that matter to your organization.

Drillable Data

Interactive reports make it easy to see what jobs are receiving the most attention and how your team is balancing its workload over different time periods.

Easy Distribution

Email reports (with commentary) directly from InsightSquared; no exporting required.

Measure Against Goal

At a glance, see how recruiters are progressing against individual and team goals.

Gamify the Recruiting Process

Display recruiter activities on a public leaderboard to foster friendly competition and spur your team into action.

With InsightSquared, everyone’s become a lot more aware of what they are doing on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month basis.

Simon Curtis, Managing Director at Austin Fraser

Activity Ratios

How your sales group is performing and if they’re becoming more or less efficient over time

Pipeline Count

React ahead of time if you realize a pipeline shortfall is coming

Simplified job order management

Assessing the state of your job order pipeline can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our Open Jobs report gives you everything you need in a single view. There’s no easier way to stay on top of your work.

Effort Measurement

Ensure optimal prioritization by making sure you are tracking which job orders are receiving the most — and least — activity.

Full Pipeline Visibility

Stop losing jobs in spreadsheets. Your entire pipeline is visualized and paired with a chart of open recs.

Momentum Tracking

Momentum tracking highlights job orders that are at risk of going stale. Never again miss a placement opportunity.

Simple Filtering

Want to organize data by team or by industry? No problem. Segment your data with a simple filter system for in-depth analysis.

Pipeline for recruitment agencies is really important, but we wouldn’t have the information we need if it wasn’t for InsightSquared.

Brian Cunningham, Director at Allen Recruitment

Data that makes a difference

Recruiting is much more than just activity metrics and job orders. Successful staffing professionals leverage data to help manage clients effectively, source the best candidates, and keep an eye on revenue.

Candidate Reports

Identify which sources produce the highest and lowest quality candidates.

Process Analysis

Time-to-fill, win/loss ratios, stage conversions — these are all vital metrics for understanding your firm’s performance. Access them instantly, 24/7. No analyst needed.

Won/Lost Analysis

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