Thank you for making Ramp the Sales Ops event of the year!
While you had to be there for the on-field experience in Fenway’s Visitor’s Dugout, shared recordings of the day’s sessions are available here.
Ramp by InsightSquared was one for the record books!


Thank you to the sales ops community, our awesome sponsors, and the all-star lineup of speakers for making our inaugural conference a success.

Enjoy these session records if you weren’t able to make it to the ballpark.
Joe Chernov & Samuel Clemens – Intro & Announcement
Matt Cameron – Sales Operations Clovers: Without You, Your CRO Stands Before the Board Naked
Practitioner Panel – The State of Sales Operations
Doug Landis – Sales Ops: The Co-Founders of Sales
Dana Therrien – The Evolution of Sales Operations What’s Next?
Mike Wolff & Alex Martin – 3 Ways to Share a Brain with Your VP of Sales
Maria Pergolino – What the CMO Needs From Sales Ops
Jon Hay – The Boston Red Sox Are More Than a Ball Club, We’re a Business
We’ll see you next season.

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