InsightSquared is the missing analytics suite for your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

The reporting native to most ATS’s makes it difficult to spot trends and problems. Many organizations turn to Excel but Excel is not optimized for multi-user standardized reporting.

The solution: the analytics suite from InsightSquared is designed for recruiting professionals and ensures you’re only ever two clicks away from the data you need.
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We’re already making more placements. We’re seeing return on it already.”
 Bill Fries, Hiregy

Bill Fries



Job Order Dashboard Focusing your effort in the right places.

[one_half] Job Order Dashboard
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Which job orders are stalled? Which job orders should your team focus on? InsightSquared shows your job orders in a landscape view to highlight everything your team is working on.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Prioritize your job orders by value, recency and whether your team is working them
  • Filter to select only the job orders you want–specific teams, industries, perm vs. contract, etc.
  • Drill into any job order to get a complete profile
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Activity Dashboard All your activity information in one place.

[one_half] Activity Dashboard Report
[/one_half] [one_half_last] Which employees are making the biggest contributions? How is your total activity trending over time? Which job orders saw the most activity last week? Our Activity Dashboard shows you every move throughout your organization.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Configure to track any activity type in your source data
  • Drill to see activity for individual employees or clients
  • Dashboards for each team (perm vs. contract, sales vs. recruiting)
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Candidate Source Find the best sources for your organization.

[one_half] Which of your sources provide the best candidates–both in terms of quantity and quality? How does that translate into ROI? The candidate source report shows how many candidates each source delivered and which of those candidates actually converted to placements, giving you the full picture you need to optimize your strategy.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Trend sources side-by-side to see which ones bring in the most candidates over time
  • Compare conversion rates for each source, see the percent of candidates that become placements, and the total dollar value of all their placements
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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Sales Trending By Month

Contract Revenue Maintain a clear view of your contract placements.

[one_half] Which contract placements are starting and ending? When you’re busy bringing in and filling new job orders, it can be easy to lose track of existing contract placements. With our contract revenue report, you’ll always know when it’s time to follow-up with clients and explore placement extensions.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Start and end dates are shown graphically alongside your revenue history and projections
  • Multiple views: see contract revenue by employee or for particular clients
  • Drill: to see active deals, starting deals, and ending deals in a given period
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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time

Employee Scorecard Know how your employees are doing with just a glance.

[one_half] Pipeline Trend By Value Over Time
[/one_half] [one_half_last] In our employee scorecard report, we summarize all the data for an employee in one place so you (and they!) have performance data accessible and constantly updated. Perfect for one-on-one reviews and to provide clear visibility on how each employee is being measured.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Key metrics: activities, bookings, ratios and more
  • Comparisons: see how the employee ranks vs. peers or against the company average
  • Printable as a summary; drillable for details
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Nightly Status Emails Keep in the loop.

[one_half] How did your team do today? Who was the top performer? What placements came through?
Status emails contain multiple modules to keep you on top of everything at a glance. Plus you can customize them to show only the modules most important to your business.
[list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]
  • Separate emails specific to each team in your organization
  • Customizable Modules: showing new placements, leaderboard, historical context, progress against goals, data quality errors, and more
  • Nightly and Weekly editions for both real-time and bigger-picture information
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[/one_half] [one_half_last] Nighty Status Email

And more…

This was just a few of our reports. We have dozens more pre-loaded. Get a demo or click to see more.
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