InsightSquared’s full-service revenue intelligence solution.

With Slate, you have the power to build custom reports to answer questions that are unique to your business. Visualize data from various sources and view both custom and pre-built reports in a single dashboard.

How It Works
Slate allows you to combine data from multiple sources and visualize it in any format.
Technical users build schemas and powerful data models in the back end.
Business users analyze the reports and dashboards to make data-backed business decisions.
Who is Slate for?
Business Leaders
  • Sales, Marketing, and Finance Executives
Create custom visualizations to display data persuasively and run analyses without any involvement from analysts. Easily filter reports and dashboards, slice and dice any which way, and customize chart types.
Business Analysts
  • Sales, Marketing, Business, and Revenue Operations
Stop creating and maintaining reports in Excel. Build your go-to reports and dashboards in Slate so they update automatically and can be easily shared.
Technical Analysts
  • Financial Analysts and BI Analysts
Take control over your data with our easy-to-use platform. Import any data into Slate, join tables, and define fields to create the reports you need. And there’s no need to maintain a data warehouse – we do that for you.
Slate gives us full control of all our data – and has an awesome UX. It’s great.

Russ Danford


When I think about how difficult it would be to do in Excel what I can do in Slate and InsightSquared, it’s mind-blowing.

Jack Montgomery

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Slate is a full-service solution — we can move, secure, analyze, and visualize data from any source to put you in a position to make informed business decisions.
Need assistance building the reports you need to run your business?
Our professional services team can help you make the most of Slate by understanding the questions you are trying to answer and ensuring the right data is in each report.