[one_half] There is no one right way to manage a sales team. However, implementing InsightSquared’s sales analytics and reporting software as part of your sales management process can substantially improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales reps. With capabilities to examine reams of historical data to find any leaks in the pipeline or weaknesses in the sales process, managers can help their reps produce better results. Sales managers can study key sales metrics and produce sales reports that pain clearer pictures of the overall success or failure of the company. Some key aspects of any sales management process should include:

  • Activity Management
    The sales management process exists to ensure that the sales team is being led and operating effectively. Sales managers are responsible for the performances of their sales reps, constantly working to ensure that reps are focusing their energies on the right activities and best opportunities. Keen monitoring of individual activities will help managers determine which reps are their top performing ones.  [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31256″ align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Sales Management – Employee Activities” alt=”Sales Management – Employee Activities” width=”400″ height=”261″]
  • Pipeline Management
    A failure to understand the ins-and-outs of the pipeline represents a failure in the sales management process. With InsightSquared’s award-winning sales analytics and sales reporting software, managers can produce easy-to-understand reports on every aspect of their sales pipeline. By regularly tracking every portion of the pipeline, managers can ensure that there are no glaring leaks and that all viable opportunities are being maximized.
  • Strategic Focus 
    The best sales management system is not only focused on the nitty-gritty issues of day-to-day operations but also the bigger picture and strategic focus necessary. Learn where you are winning deals and where time is being wasted. Finding your ideal customer, industry and deal targets is an important component of any sales management system.

InsightSquared can improve your sales management process to help you take control of your sales team and processes. With so much information that can be easily translated into readable reports, InsightSquared is the sales management solution that every manager needs.

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[blockquote cite=”Steven Carter, SVP of Operations, Visible Measures”]InsightSquared is a fantastic sales management tool. We now have the visual reports of our sales and marketing in just a few seconds and we could never get these from our CRM in the past.[/blockquote] [/one_half_last]