Are you building your own sales pipeline analysis? What do sales managers want to see in a sales pipeline report? Insights and information from data that can help them make better sales management decisions and help their teams sell better! Some of this information includes:

  • What stage opportunities in the current pipeline are in. Which ones are likely to close in this period? Are there any that should be flagged as at-risk and that require additional attention?
  • How the sales pipeline is growing (or shrinking) over time. In order to keep up with increasing quotas, sales teams need more and more opportunities to work on. Is your sales pipeline growing accordingly, month-over-month?
  • How to apply historical conversion rates to the current pipeline. How accurate is your sales forecast? Are you applying the right pipeline data to that forecast?
[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”35931″ align=”center” width=”650″ height=”415″ quality=”100″ link=””] A sales pipeline report that doesn’t provide these types of insights – with the flexibility and pivots to go back into history and do deep-dives into specific opportunities – isn’t helpful to sales managers. Make sure you’re getting the right information in all of your sales pipeline reports.
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