[one_half] Sales managers can use sales pipeline software to track sales analytics on a variety of different issues, giving them a chance to identify problems that need to be fixed, prioritize certain opportunities over others or target sales reps that need extra coaching. Here are several in-depth reports that sales managers can study with the help of sales pipeline software.

  • Value of the pipeline
    Revenue is the bottom line for any company, and revenue cannot grow unless the value and number of opportunities within the pipeline are also growing. Managers should be making sure that reps are spending the majority of their time on the most valuable opportunities in the pipeline that are more likely to close, rather than less-qualified prospects whose deals are worth less in value. Using sales pipeline software would allow managers to keep a close eye on all aspects of their sales pipeline. [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31295″ align=”center” title=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared” alt=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared” lightbox=”true” width=”430″ height=”238″ quality=”100″]
  • Employees performance within the pipeline
    With sales pipeline software, managers can identify exactly what opportunities reps are working on within the pipeline and, more importantly, how long they are spending on each opportunity within each particular stage. Reps should not be spending too long on a prospect, especially in early stages – this can lead to stalled momentum that likely leads to an abrupt drop-off from the prospect in the latter stages, throwing the whole pipeline out of whack. [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”33138″ align=”center” title=”Sales Pipeline Software in InsightSquared” alt=”Sales Pipeline Software in InsightSquared” lightbox=”true” width=”430″ height=”246″ quality=”100″]
  • Shape of the pipeline
    Managers should be looking for pipelines that naturally evolve into funnel-shaped diagrams, where it is widest at the top and narrowest at the bottom. This is designed to reflect the progressive drop-off of prospects as they become qualified through the sales process, with less-qualified prospects who are not likely to buy dropping off at each corresponding stage to the buyer’s process. Use sales pipeline software to regularly monitor your pipeline and ensure that the shape produces as smooth a gradient between stages as possible. [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”33137″ align=”center” title=”Sales Pipeline Software in InsightSquared” alt=”Sales Pipeline Software in InsightSquared” lightbox=”true” width=”430″ height=”296″ quality=”100″]

InsightSquared is the sales pipeline software you need to monitor every aspect of your sales pipeline. A leaky sales pipeline with unfulfilled leads and inefficient processes at each stage can result in a great deal of opportunities lost, so make sure that doesn’t happen with InsightSquared.

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