[one_half] With the best sales pipeline tools for reporting and analysis, sales managers can gain insights into present-day opportunities, historical trends and future forecasts. The sales pipeline contains all of the current opportunities for the sales team, with in-depth information on the momentum and effort spent of each one. Additionally, the historical pipeline lets managers dive into past performances, which can be a tremendously helpful guide in forecasting future goals. Here are some key metrics and reports to study with your sales pipeline tools. 

  • Pipeline Today 
    Sales managers need instant visibility into the present sales pipeline for each individual rep. Using sales pipeline tools for analysis and reporting, managers can help reps determine which opportunities have stalled, which ones are moving forward with momentum and which ones have negative velocity. With this information, managers and reps can really hone in on the opportunities that, with a little more concerted effort, could really pick up positive momentum on the way to closing. [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31295″ align=”center” title=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared” alt=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared” lightbox=”true” width=”430″ height=”238″ quality=”100″]
  • Pipeline History 
    Use sales pipeline tools to study your historical pipeline and see how it is trending over time and whether it is growing or not. Examining this sales report will help you understand how much of your pipeline you needed historically to achieve your sales goals. Do you need 3x the amount in your sales pipeline in order to hit your quota, as the industry standard dictates? Find out for yourself by looking at your pipeline history.  [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31296″ align=”center” lightbox=”true” title=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared” alt=”Pipeline Management in InsightSquared”  width=”430″ height=”275″ quality=”100″]
  • Sales Forecast
    Historical data and performances should shape the forecasts for a sales team moving forward. Using sales pipeline tools to study the conversion rates and bookings trend of last quarter’s or last year’s sales pipeline, sales managers can more accurately forecast the opportunities that will be available to their reps coming up, as well as the overall performance of the sales team and the company.   [image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”31297″ align=”center” title=”Sales Pipeline in InsightSquared” alt=”Sales Pipeline in InsightSquared” lightbox=”true” width=”430″ height=”278″ quality=”100″]

InsightSquared is the best sales pipeline tools for reporting on and analysis of your sales pipeline. A leaky sales pipeline with unfulfilled leads and inefficient processes at each stage can result in a great deal of opportunities lost, so make sure that doesn’t happen with InsightSquared.

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