Want to use data and analytics to grow sales this year? Salesforce reporting is only going to get you so far.

Native Salesforce reporting provides a great overview of the “current state” of your pipeline. For instance, Salesforce reports easily break down your current pipeline by geography. That’s nice to know, but you really need to understand which regions are growing and which are stagnant. To put the current state in context, you need to understand your pipeline history. If you want to know where you’re headed, you need to know where you’ve been. Similarly, you probably want to accurately forecast sales for this quarter. You’ll need to start with historical win rates.

Salesforce reporting presents a challenge here. All the data is in there, but native reports are simply unable to perform these historical calculations. The common response is to export to Excel. But everyone knows that Excel reports do not scale.

When you’re ready to grow sales and scale your team it’s time to move beyond Salesforce reporting.

Three signs it’s time to graduate from Salesforce reporting:

1. You’re tired of shoddy sales forecasts.

Your sales team may be eternally optimistic, but you can’t afford any surprises at the end of the quarter. Only InsightSquared forecasts your sales using historical win rates. No hunches, no rose-tinted glasses; just the facts.
Salesforce Reports - Sales Forecast

2. You know there are opportunities slipping through the cracks.

Salesforce reporting just can’t give you the visibility you need to actively manage your pipeline. Perfect pipeline visibility puts you in the driver seat. Identify the opportunities and sales reps that need your attention and act now to close more deals.
Salesforce Reports - Pipeline Management

3. You’re spending too much time generating reports.

Salesforce reports are only as good as the blood, sweat and tears that go into them. What would you do with those extra two hours every week? Coach your reps? Make that extra call? Get back to managing your team – we’ll take care of crunching the numbers.
Salesforce Reports - Sales Forecast

If you’re ready to move beyond Salesforce native reporting, we’re ready to talk to you. Not ready to get on the phone? Check out our amazing Salesforce resources for best-practice tips and tricks from the pros.

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Salesforce Reports in InsightSquared
InsightSquared’s robust business intelligence and analytics solution was easy to integrate and helps us get the most out of our data.

- James Sampson, Director of Revenue and Sales Operations, DataXu


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