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What We Do

InsightSquared’s reporting suite combines data from both Google Analytics and your CRM/ATS to provide powerful, industry-leading data intelligence.

What We Offer

  • End-to-end engagement tracking

    Are your new prospects viewing your pages and content, and if so, where and when? How about existing clients? By combining data from your multiple sources, InsightSquared gives you end-to-end engagement tracking, from opportunities to deals to usage.

  • Sophisticated usage reporting

    Go beyond the built-in reporting in Google Analytics for more meaningful marketing analytics. With our one-click filters, you can cut the data by client, industry, employee and more. And our engagement reports go beyond raw usage to show the percent of clients that are engaging with specific content.

  • Churn Analysis

    Maintaining a low customer churn rate takes constant effort. Our churn analysis provides a key indicator of which clients are most likely to churn so you know who needs the most attention.

  • And more!

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