What are “Excluded” opportunities?

To give you the best results, the app ignores opportunities that are in certain stages:

  • Old stages that are no longer in your opportunity stages picklist
  • Current stages that the app has excluded (see next question)

Why aren’t all my stages shown?

The app makes its best effort to choose the appropriate stages by assuming organizations are following recommended best practices for arranging your stages. Best practice is to organize your stage picklist into three groups:

  1. “Open” stages in order from earliest to latest according to your sales process
  2. All Closed Won and Closed Lost stages
  3. “Placeholder” stages (like “stalled”) or stages for renewal opportunities

The Sales Funnel displays all stages in Group 1 in ascending order and ignores stages in Group 3 (i.e. all open stages after your first Closed Won or Closed Lost stage) since most people prefer excluding them from the funnel.
Want to customize which stages show in the funnel? Check out InsightSquared’s full sales reporting suite. Or we may release this feature in the next version of the free app (we’re listening – let us know if this is important to you!)

Why do I only see some of our closed opportunities in certain stages?

The Sales Funnel app can only access the opportunities the user has permission to view. If the user is restricted from seeing other opportunities (e.g., other teams or employees), they won’t be included.

What date range is shown?

For most companies the app will show your conversion rates for opportunities closed in the past 365 days. However, if you’re a large company that closes many opportunities per month (typically >1,000), then you’ll see a shorter timeframe. This is because Salesforce only allows apps to access up to 50,000 opportunities. The Sales Funnel gets the 50,000 most recent opportunities and then adjusts your date range accordingly.

What don’t my open opportunities show up?

Only closed (won or lost) opportunities are used for the calculations. Open opportunities aren’t included because they bias the results for early stages.

How are conversion rates calculated?

  • % Conversion To Next – Percent of closed opportunities that converted from this stage to the next stage
  • Conversion % From Top – Percent of closed opportunities that made it to this stage
  • Won % – Percent of closed opportunities that converted from this stage to a won deal