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Interactive Reporting

Know more than funnel coverage and conversion rates. Understand the meaning behind every revenue metric and result in time to adapt and improve.

interactive reporting

Raw data doesn’t tell you the complete story of your revenue performance, but our interactive reports do.

At InsightSquared we make it easy to run your key meetings such as 1:1s, pipeline reviews, account reviews, lead reviews, QBRs and more directly from within our reports. That means you can drill down into the data behind the reports, take action, assign next steps and dive into the details from each dashboard. Turn reviews into working sessions and leave with an actionable game plan that can be tracked and measured.

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Do your managers coach with data rather than checklists?

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Are your pipeline reviews frequently derailed by poor data quality?

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Do you know what slows down or speeds up your sales cycles?


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Explore Your Results from Any Angle

Drill into our custom reporting feature for a 360-degree view of your funnel including leads, accounts, opportunities, renewals, upsells, contacts and more. With interactive reporting, you can start at the top and then dive deep into the details to understand exactly where and why deals succeed or come up short.

Visualize funnels by company, product lines, time periods or individual roles to spot trends and inform strategy. And with at-a-glance comparisons of bookings against goals and more, you can see exactly how your results stack up.

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dynamic coaching


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Coach Toward Meaningful Change

Get intuitive analysis of your data, saving you time while providing clarity into engagement and risk at every stage of the customer journey.

Our interactive marketing, sales and account management reports automatically include account activity over time, enabling managers to coach reps and other revenue contributors on a more personal level and give them the ammunition they need to close deals faster.

dynamic coaching


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Provide a Roadmap for Improvement

Access to reports is great, but the bigger impact comes with the execution that follows. With Actions, you can alert team members to these next steps in real time. This gives them a clear playbook to learn from and successful habits to develop.

The deeper your understanding of the data and the trends in your reports, the better you can prepare your RevOps team for the next challenge.

actionable improvement

See Revenue Intelligence in action.

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