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AI Sales Forecasting Software

Sales is complicated enough, forecasting should not be. Significantly improve sales forecasting outcomes with machine learning and collaboration.


Finally, an unfiltered, unbiased view of your forecast, validated with machine learning.

Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheet rollup processes filled with gut-feel and questionable data. With InsightSquared’s AI-powered forecasting your entire team can easily submit their numbers. Then as a manager you can review, override and track changes. Add in our machine learning-driven Confidence to Close and Ideal Customer Profile scores, and you can quickly validate your reps’ rollups, while also instilling sales discipline around close dates and forecast category management, contact creation, next step maintenance and even qualification methodologies like MEDDICC.

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Do you forecast based on unbiased activity data automatically captured?

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Are you tracking the impact of forecast changes?

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Can you see pull-forward candidates and override forecasts?


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Simplify the Submission Process

Say it with us. No more manual Excel, with its lack of historical tracking, overrides and intelligence. With InsightSquared you can automate and streamline forecast submission across your team, delivering AI-driven updates in real-time. Whether you are a sales rep with fingers-crossed the big deal will close, or a CRO trying to reduce risk and squeeze upside, easily roll up forecasts across your team and ensure everyone is on pace to hit the target.

Slice and dice forecasts by segments such as region, line of business, or products — and break them down further by month or quarter. Maintain records of all changes and incorporate data from your complete sales history. Our flexible and comprehensive platform is exactly what you need to understand the gap between target and goal — and how to get there.

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Make Business Decisions Your Company Can Count On

Your forecast is just a number, but it influences countless decisions across your company. Our forecasting reports hold reps and teams accountable, while visualizing their progress and improving their accuracy over time.

See how your AI-powered weighted pipeline, projected monthly bookings, manual forecast, and historical trends stack up with likely ranges of outcome for each. Use the Forecast Summary report to spot issues like missing or outdated data and fill the gaps to improve accuracy across the board.

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Maximize Your Pipeline Reviews

Use your weekly pipeline review meetings as they were intended — to coach your reps and speed deal progression. With full confidence in your sales activity data, you can quickly identify deals to pull forward, opportunities for coaching and areas to invest.

When it comes to forecasting, you no longer need to guess the reasoning behind each rep’s number as you have a complete view into their sales activity and noticeable gaps. By assigning Actions, you can improve rep accountability and execution without ever leaving the platform.

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See Revenue Intelligence in action.

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