Mediafly Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire InsightSquared

Mediafly & InsightSquared join forces to help revenue teams improve forecast accuracy,  enhance buyer engagement and increase revenue production.

Mediafly, a leader in sales enablement, interactive content and value selling, today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire InsightSquared, a leader in revenue intelligence, forecasting and analytics. The combined revenue enablement and intelligence platform, a first of its kind, provides customers a 360-degree view of what’s happening at every stage, in every account to improve coaching, engagement, predictions and execution throughout the customer journey.

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Despite a digital-first selling environment, today’s B2B revenue leaders forecast, prioritize and create sales strategies based on a small fraction of data. As a result, 90% of B2B businesses miss their forecast goals, and those that hit often miss out on significant growth opportunities — all due to incomplete visibility and insight.

“Today, most sales leaders rely on partial insights from sales activity data to shape buyer engagement and forecast sales,” said Carson Conant, CEO and founder of Mediafly. “What happens in the sales meeting is no longer the sole indicator of deal health. In a digital-first world, you need to consider all the multichannel touchpoints across the buyer journey. Our mission is to aggregate content engagement, conversation intelligence, buyer intent, value engagement and sales activity data in one visual dashboard to offer revenue teams a holistic view of pipeline health and prescriptive next steps. With InsightSquared, we accelerate the delivery of that vision and provide sales leaders with the complete set of information they need to achieve and exceed revenue goals.”

Today, buyers and sellers connect in multiple channels, and yet capturing and analyzing all of those interactions still happens in disparate tools and data repositories, if at all. Together Mediafly and InsightSquared deliver a unified view of all buyer-seller touchpoints— from emails and meetings and call recordings to web page views, content engagement, and shares.

“In B2B sales, it is critical to identify when buyers become unresponsive, especially when the opportunity is part of the forecast. Promptly identifying when a customer stops engaging with your team enables implementation of improvement plans and more accurate input into the forecasting process,” said Todd Abbott, CEO of InsightSquared. “Content engagement has always been the missing piece of the engagement analytics puzzle. With the combined solution, revenue teams will now know if a buyer is actively reviewing case studies, value calculators, and presentation materials, even sharing them with multiple other stakeholders (who are now also engaging). The result is improved visibility on the health of the opportunity, improved forecast accuracy and increased sales productivity, with sellers leveraging the best resources and investing their time where they will make the biggest impact.”

In addition to unifying content engagement, conversation intelligence, buyer intent, value engagement and sales activity data in one visual dashboard, the Mediafly + InsightSquared solution will be the first in the market to incorporate content analytics into predictive machine learning models—providing revenue teams health scores to assess deals and drive revenue forecasts.

Customers leveraging the integrated solution will benefit from:

  • 360-degree Deal Intelligence: Automatically capture all digital sales engagement (emails, meetings, new customer contacts) and content engagement for a holistic view of deal/pipeline health and prescriptive next steps.
  • Interactive Content & Collaboration: Deliver interactive and immersive content enablement solutions that create personalized, impactful buying experiences.
  • Enterprise Content Management: Centralize all of your content, make it easy to search, find, and personalize to ensure sales and marketing content is leveraged effectively throughout the sales process.
  • Predictive Forecasting: Provide self-serve, collaborative reporting and visualizations of expected outcomes and progress against goals.
  • Value Enablement: Utilize robust ROI, TCO and value calculators to capture critical value data to inform account health and confidence to close.
  • Sales Readiness: Leverage machine-learning to identify buying signals and recommend sales content and readiness training in real-time to improve sales results.

Mediafly’s acquisition of InsightSquared reinforces the company’s commitment to revenue intelligence innovation following its recent Revenue360 product launch. Abbott joins Mediafly’s executive leadership team; Fred Shilmover, InsightSquared founder and president, will serve as an advisor; and James Davison, InsightSquared Chief Product Officer and founder of Olono, joins Mediafly as SVP of Product. The combined companies will have offices and hubs in Chicago, Austin, Boston, Orlando, Denver, and Alton, UK, plus talent throughout the United States, Europe, and India.

“As more and more companies embrace RevOps and acquire the underlying technologies that allow them to gain insights from buyer content consumption and other behavioral signals, revenue leaders will have the ability to make real-time data-driven decisions, forecast more accurately, and accelerate revenue growth,” said Mary Shea, member of Mediafly’s board of advisors and former Forrester principal analyst. “In a digital-first world, sellers need more than just traditional content management and enablement tools. They need automated data capture from every relevant touchpoint across the customer lifecycle to derive the insights that will allow them to engage with prospects and customers in more tailored and meaningful ways.”

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About Mediafly:

Mediafly is a leading sales enablement and content management technology platform that creates interactive, value-based selling experiences powered by content and analytics. Using Mediafly’s technology, revenue teams at companies including PepsiCo, Disney, GE Healthcare, and Sealed Air effortlessly deliver custom and interactive content that engages buyers in every interaction. Mediafly enables sellers to be more flexible, insightful, and effective with revenue enablement products and data insights for increased sales and stronger customer relationships. Mediafly has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for eight years consecutively, in addition to being named Crain’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for four years consecutively. Visit or follow @Mediafly for more information.

About InsightSquared:

InsightSquared empowers revenue professionals to make better decisions by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence that drives predictable growth. B2B organizations worldwide rely on the company’s full funnel revenue analytics and forecasting solutions to build healthier pipelines, boost forecast accuracy, target rep coaching, and significantly increase competitive win rates. For more information, visit