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Revenue Intelligence Platform

6 Revenue Solutions in 1. Identify what great looks like, and exactly how to get there.

Your entire revenue team is working towards the same goals. Shouldn’t they work in the same platform?

The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform is 6 integrated solutions in 1. That means updates made while forecasting are immediately visible in every report or dashboard. Actions taken on a Lead or Opportunity show up in real-time in pipeline reviews. Marketing campaign effectiveness can be traced from initial contact to signed contract. Renewal teams have clear visibility into what intrigued their customer in the first place. You’ve never seen a more holistic view of your revenue operations. 


We’re mobilizing a massive amount of data to deliver massive value, at a fraction of the cost of disparate tools. See how easy it is to remove the marketing-sales-customer success friction, while improving collaboration—and results

Advanced Sales Math

Go beyond the dashboard.

Revenue Intelligence brings your marketing, sales and customer success teams together to build stronger pipelines, unlock hidden coaching opportunities, boost forecast accuracy and improve conversion rates by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence.
Want to advance beyond analytics to finally answer questions like:

  • What is the activity profile for winning opportunities (per rep, team, stage, segment…)?
  • What do my top reps do differently?
  • What is my conversion rate?
  • When is the exact moment that a prospect loses interest?
  • What is the difference in renewal rates by level of champion engagement
Activity Capture

We enrich your data. You own it.

Let’s face it, your AEs don’t win alone. If you are only capturing the Opportunity Owner’s data, you’re missing out on key activities that impact win rates.
Your sales engineers, overlays and CSM teams are all part of the team that makes or breaks a deal—missing their data means you’re only getting a fraction of the story.


Now you can capture activity from everyone involved in the customer journey. Better yet, we write it directly back to your CRM, even our proprietary Confidence to Close and other machine learning models ensuring you have complete records and historical tracking for the long haul. Plus you can bring data other tools have mapped to your CRM back to InsightSquared, creating a single view of your business—both in the CRM and in your reporting.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning-Driven Insights

Take your Reporting up a notch.
It all starts with a robust data set, including core activity data and unfiltered call and meeting intelligence. Every activity, every step in the sales process that occurred. Even every step that was skipped. We look back 15 months, while layering in deal characteristics, engagement timelines, progression and more to define what your winning deals look like, and where key inflection points happen.


This information impacts every element of your business – forecasts, coaching, reporting, product roadmaps, marketing campaigns, competitive positioning and more.

Customer Experience

Self-Service For All

With customer experience at the forefront, we make it easy for every user to customize their experience.
Say goodbye to error-filled spreadsheets and spotty CRM data. Automate and streamline forecast submission across your team. Then balance human inputs with machine learning to validate your forecast and investments. Know how to minimize risk and capture upside—to not just meet, but exceed your goal.

Scalable, Secure, Speed

The InsightSquared Revenue Intelligence Platform was architected from the ground up for scale, security and speed.
Run larger queries fast, with no latency. Easily map both standard and custom properties at scale based on any factor. Analyze structured and unstructured data side-by-side with no user intervention. Then watch as changes, customizations and calculations are carried across the Platform to improve every aspect of your operations.

See Revenue Intelligence in action.

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